PeaSoup Launches Powerful, Robust, And 100% Sustainable ECO Cloud Services

Weybridge, June 2021 – PeaSoup Hosting, an award-winning cloud provider focusing on delivering innovative cloud solutions, has announced the launch of its ECO Cloud service. The new powerful Eco-Cloud platform uses an advanced liquid immersion cooling technology and provides Backup, Disaster Recovery and Infrastructure as a Service.

PeaSoup is the first cloud provider in the UK to offer cloud services using liquid cooling. PeaSoup data centre servers are fully immersed in a biodegradable dielectric fluid that has one-thousand times more efficient cooling power than air. This dielectric liquid allows deploying our servers much closer together, i.e. in high-density configurations, and protect them from thermal and environmental risks. 

The ECO Cloud service allows PeaSoup to reach new and existing organisations seeking an environmentally friendly cloud provider with the ability to deliver high computing powers. PeaSoup’s tests between server immersed in liquid and traditional air-cooled unit revealed a massive up to 30% energy reductions, a real 1.011 PUE (Power Unit Effectiveness), but also huge sustainability benefits such as CO2 reductions, with over 2 tonnes per year per ONE server. 

The environmental benefits stretch above CO2 reductions, for example, the IT equipment immersed in a dielectric liquid is more reliable with predictions of very minimal outage rates and the length of service to prolong more than 40%. Long maintenance intervals and savings on manufacturing of new IT equipment reduce hugely carbon footprints. Simply put, everything that we do has carbon consequences so less maintenance means less environmental damage. 

Martin Bradburn, CEO of PeaSoup, said: “One of PeaSoup’s mottos is to constantly invest in new cloud technologies, evolve, and provide better services to our client. We were the first in the UK to deploy VMware HCI architecture which is now the facto standard. Our wish is to do the same with the liquid immersion cooling now – disrupt the cloud market by providing 100% sustainable cloud services”. 

The ECO Cloud continue to support the cloud computing definition allowing customers to scale up and down with ease, support their growth and regional expansion, without the upfront IT hardware costs, but using a sustainable environment. Still, the costs associated with the admin and management of the IT infrastructure are drastically reduced with the “pay as you” consume model that can be tailored accordingly to the customer present and future requirements.

PeaSoup’s ECO Cloud Services supports the UK Government ambitions to reduce carbon footprint by over 68% to 1990s emissions levels by the end of 2035 and ambitious net-zero emissions by 2050.