PeaSoup IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service

PeaSoup IaaS can help you to unlock the potential to grow, innovate and strengthen security.

Why PeaSoup for IaaS


Access cloud compute resources and virtualisation, and configure to your needs. Only pay for the resources you use.

VMware Performance

VMware architecture provides a highly performant, scalable environment; fully redundant with 99.99% availability to meet the needs of your most demanding workloads.

Management Console

PeaSoup cloud infrastructure Management Console helps you to set up your private cluster easily and fast. So, you can concentrate on your applications running in the Virtual Private Cloud.


PeaSoup offers HPC (High-Performance Computing) from Immersion Cooling Technology. Immersion cooling is a process that sees computer components or even full servers being immersed in a dielectric liquid that enables higher heat transfer performance than air.

Cost-Effective Cloud

Optimise costs by getting the exact amount of resources that you need for your business. PeaSoup offers a competitive price per performance compared to on-premises options or hyper-scalers.

Disaster Recovery & Testing

PeaSoup cloud infrastructure is disaster recovery ready. Duplicate and test your production systems failover at a fraction of the cost.

Our disaster recovery solution utilises continuous replication, as well as highly automated orchestration, to ensure minimal RPO and RTO for all your applications.


Eco Cloud

Our cloud is powered by eco-friendly liquid-cooled data centres.Liquid immersion cooling allows for high-density deployment with huge energy reduction and its high-power computing (HPC) ready.

Individual Approach

We at PeaSoup meet your cloud requirements individually, fulfilling specific applications and business needs.We'll help to move your business applications to the cloud or add more compute capacity by connecting the cloud to your network.

Simple Pricing

Simplicity is at the heart of PeaSoup. Therefore all services including IaaS are all-inclusive. There are no extra egress, ingress or bandwidth charges.

Onboarding & Management

We take an individual yet comprehensive approach when onboarding new clients. Our cloud specialist will be guiding you through all process of setting up, migrating and managing your data.

Customer Support

Our 24/7/365 service desk is included as standard available to you by phone or Zendesk ticketing system. No question is too small.


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Common questions

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service provides businesses with on-demand hardware resources without having to make any upfront hardware purchase. In nutshell IaaS is an instant computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the Internet.

PeaSoup offers different IaaS capabilities depending on your business needs. We can work with you on month-to-month arrangements or set up discounted annual contracts.

The Eco Cloud is an IaaS service delivered from Ecological Data Centres. It’s a truly Eco setup – no carbon offsetting. Our servers are immersed in biodegradable dielectric cooling fluid, ready for HPC, that allows to deploy servers in an high-density configuration, while protecting vital components from thermal and environmental risks.

HPC (High Performance Computing) refers to the practice of combining computing power to deliver much higher performance than one could get out of a legacy data centres in order to solve large problems in science, engineering, or business.

PeaSoup gives you the ability to increase processing power, storage, bandwidth and other technology resources as needed, immediately. You can also reverse the process when you no longer need them. Therefore, you’ll only pay for the resources committed.

PeaSoup customers have access to our tech support desk via telephone, email or Zendesk ticketing system. We’re available 24/7 to help you resolve issues or questions that may arise.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are used to eliminate the necessity to write complete programmes and instructions to make communication between one or more applications.

PeaSoup uses VMware Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). This is a software-defined, unified system that combines all the elements of a traditional data center: storage, compute, networking and management.

This integrated solution provides elasticity and enhanced security, and enables to spin up workloads in minutes.