Liquid Immersion Cooling

Cutting-edge cooling for CPU/GPU intense compute environments.

We deliver highly performing, cost-effective and 100% sustainable cloud services deployed from liquid immersion technology.

The services are designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

What's Liquid Immersion Cooling?

Liquid immersion cooling involves submerging server components directly into a thermally conductive dielectric fluid. Unlike water, these fluids are non-conductive, preventing electrical shorts and making them safe for electronic equipment. This cooling method is highly effective because the fluid can absorb and transfer heat more efficiently than air, allowing for more compact and powerful server configurations.

Advantages of Liquid Immersion Cooling

Enhanced Thermal Management

Immersion cooling provides superior heat dissipation compared to air cooling. The dielectric fluids used can remove heat more efficiently, maintaining optimal operating temperatures for server components.

Energy Efficiency

By eliminating the need for traditional air conditioning and reducing the dependency on fans, immersion cooling significantly cuts energy consumption. This not only lowers operational costs but also reduces the carbon footprint of data centres.


Liquid cooling systems are highly scalable and can accommodate the increasing power densities of modern data centre infrastructure, providing a flexible solution for future growth and expansion.

Performance Optimisation

By maintaining optimal operating temperatures, liquid cooling can enhance the performance and reliability of critical IT equipment, ensuring consistent performance for AI and ML workloads.

Space Utilisation

Since immersion cooling is more efficient, servers can be packed more densely without the risk of overheating, maximising the use of physical space within data centres.

Noise Reduction

With fewer or no fans required, the noise levels in data centres drop dramatically, creating a more pleasant working environment.

Liquid immersion cooling apart from providing superior cooling performance and no water consumption (operates in a closed-loop setting), also enables organisations to pack more computing power into smaller spaces. 

  • Liquid cooling increases computing power per rack where it can push the limits beyond 100 kilowatts per rack. 
  • It provides a better working environment where noise levels are low.
  • It offers high performance. 
  • Heat waste recycling is possible where outgoing heated fluid can be diverted to the heating system for reuse.

The benefits of liquid immersion cooling extend beyond environmental impact, positively affecting organisations’ bottom lines. By reducing energy consumption, organisations can achieve significant cost savings, while the lower heat generation extends the lifespan of IT equipment, minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

Partnering with PeaSoup Cloud

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