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Award-Winning Eco Cloud Services

PeaSoup’s range of Eco Cloud services (Infrastructure, Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service) provides all the benefits of a cutting-edge IT environment without the expense, complexity and responsibility of cloud infrastructure ownership.Whatever your cloud requirements, we can help your business to grow and innovate.

How it all began

Martin Bradburn and Harold Buter

PeaSoup was formed to drive innovation and disruption in the Cloud Market. The company has enjoyed dynamic growth which is projected for many years to come.

The PeaSoup cloud was architected in 2014 by Martin Bradburn and Harold Butter, using a hyper-converged infrastructure and was the first to market in Europe and one of only five others worldwide at that time, there have been many upgrades as the underlying technology has advanced, in Q3 2019 we have done a complete overhaul of the underlying Fujitsu hardware, enhancing the already performant hybrid servers with a complete solid-state environment.

In striving to find competitive advantages through the innovative use of technology and deliver a more efficient service to our customers, we focus on the environmental controls around the servers in the data centre.

Sept 2014
PeaSoup Founded

We started as a "Cloud Company". Founded in Weybridge by Martin Bradburn and Harold Butter.

Mar 2015
VMware Recognition

VMware has recognised PeaSoup as the first cloud provider in Europe to be using a virtual SAN cloud platform designed for resilience and scalability.

Jul 2015
PeaSoup EuroCloud Award Winners

By simplifying the cloud, PeaSoup have created the perfect solution for their customers who are from diverse background of industries including, retail, logistics, cosmetics and developers.

Nov 2019
PeaSoup Winning SDC Awards 2019

PeaSoup winning the SDC Awards 2019 in the “Hyper-convergence Innovation of the Year” category.

Nov 2020
PeaSoup Wins 10x Business Growth ActionCOACH Award

PeaSoup has pushed all the boundaries in terms of increasing business growth creating a new milestone in the history of ActionCOACH by expanding the award range to include 10 times growth now.

Feb 2021
Veeam Gold Partner

Massive achievement. PeaSoup moved to a Gold Level as a Veeam Cloud & Services Partner.

May 2021
Eco Cloud

PeaSoup new ECO Cloud services use liquid immersion technology for efficient cooling and to reduce the environmental impact.

PeaSoup Values & Unique Positioning

Simplicity & Reliability

Reliability is at the heart of the business. PeaSoup’s foundation was only possible following the release of a new technology which brought a fresh architecture to cloud.This allowed us to overcome traditional storage issues and deliver an exceptional cloud service with no caveats for planned and unplanned maintenance written into our service level agreements.

100% Environmental

PeaSoup Cloud Infrastructure uses our eco-friendly liquid-cooled data centres. This technology is more resilient and high-performing compare to traditional cloud providers.


The security of the PeaSoup Cloud starts with the physical aspects of the data centres. All our data centres are tier 3 meaning that IT components are powered with multiple, active and independent sources of power and cooling resources.The company has been built with ISO processes in mind. PeaSoup is registered with the BSI and PCIDSS. Our containment framework ensures we are delivering and handling data to the best practices possible within the cloud industry consistently, day in, day out.


With our reduced physical costs of the cloud and the lower management overheads, we are up to 30% lower priced that other comparable cloud providers.We easily compete with the worlds three largest cloud providers on price and more humanised approach to business, and not on market share.

Onboarding & Management

We take an individual yet comprehensive approach when onboarding new clients. Our cloud specialist will be guiding you through all process of setting up, migrating and managing your data.

Customer Support

Our 24/7/365 service desk is included as standard available to you by phone or Zendesk ticketing system. No question is too small.

Featured customers

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