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Accelerate your digital transformation with PeaSoup ECO Cloud.

  • Run your toughest business applications and operations here.
  • Take the benefit of highly available, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure.
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This service lets you launch your apps and services in an isolated virtual network that you define. You have full control over your virtual networking settings and configurations.

Hybrid Cloud

Use us as an extension of your data centre. Use it when you need it or have the resource for testing and staging new applications.

Cloud Storage

Moving your data to the cloud guarantee extra protection with 256-bit encryption, and network separation (air gapping) from the on-premise server.

Why use PeaSoup Cloud

Migrate to PeaSoup with confidence. 

100% Environmental

Our cloud is deployed from eco-friendly liquid-cooled data centres. We are the first to offer this server architecture in the UK.

60% More Efficient

Our cloud is at least 60% more efficient than the IT infrastructure on-premises. Guaranteed! VMware's powerful Management Console helps to eliminate errors.

30% Cheaper

At least 30% cheaper than managing your own servers. With unlimited bandwidth and a simple monthly rolling contract, you can Scale Up and Scale Out easily and quickly.

100% Human Support

You are important to us whatever the size of your requirement. We provide dedicated account management and technical support.

Most popular use cases

App Server

Build your application on a powerful and secured virtual machine (VM). Choose the right server spec to match your requirements. 

DevOps Server

Perfect for R&D. Tune the server setting to your team needs. Easily create, replicate and delete VMs while keeping the same configuration across projects.   

Database Server

Host your database on hosted powerful VM. Supporting any type of server. Optimise for your peak performance or daily operation. 

Backup/DR Server

Store replica of your data on an air-gapped secured backup server. Ensures continuous data integrity and long term costs.

CRM Server

Guarantees easy and fluent availability 24/7. This hugely increases productivity.  

Big Data & IoT Server

Ensures continuous server availability to support constant data harvesting and monitoring.

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