Liquid Immersion Cooling Technology – the solution to environmental concerns in data centres

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Low maintenance cost in data centres 

With the increased demand for data storage occasioned by the need for digitisation, businesses are concerned about the costs of maintaining data especially with energy needs as well as costs that come with keeping the systems running. 

This article recommends the adoption of liquid immersion cooling, futuristic technology that promises low maintenance costs and high efficiency.

Although data centres were gaining prominence before COVID-19, nobody would have imagined that they would become a critical infrastructure so soon, to an extent where absence spells doom to a business. Demand for data storage services has grown, more so in the last year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we are here, we have to think about how this critical infrastructure can support our business and do so at a low cost. Data storage facilities are known to consume a lot of power, more so with the heating issues that characterise this critical infrastructure. However, this can be addressed through the adoption of a technology that consumes low power and has minimal environmental concerns.

 One way that has been recommended to decrease the maintenance costs needed to run a data centre is liquid immersion cooling technology. Adopting this advanced technology will even go to an extent of reducing the need to have onsite employees while ensuring that the critical services are delivered uninterrupted.

Increased demand

As demand for data centre infrastructure increases, the new load for these facilities is at the highest level and it is expected to continue rising. We have more people working from home, meaning video calls and VPNs use will increase. Learning institutions were at one time fully online and now they are using blended learning where internet use is now a critical thing. The health sector is now relying on telemedicine than any other time in history, and consumers are into streaming entertainment, buying online among other digital activities. This means businesses need to invest heavily in cloud computing among other related infrastructures. With this demand, maintenance costs for a data centre can be huge leading to businesses spending much of their revenue on it. This means a cut in profit, a nightmare for any business. 

Luckily this can be avoided through the adoption of liquid immersion cooling, a technology that will reduce the cost of running data centres through effective power consumption as well as low maintenance of the system. Liquid immersion cooling removes the downtime or disruption concerns, as unlike the traditional system, there are no airflow management issues. It also reduces the need for onsite manning; meaning that the amount spent hiring maintenance service is reduced.

 Also, the fact that we are living in a period where interaction has been curtailed as we attempt to stem the spread of the virus, liquid immersion cooling does not need more people visiting the data centres; therefore chances of being exposed to the virus are reduced. One may ask how this is related to maintenance costs. Remember the number of days that one has to spend in isolation, these are working hours lost. With a Liquid immersion cooling system, costs are kept at a minimum; sweet music to the ear of any business owner.

 With the world facing an economic crisis occasioned by COVID -19 pandemic, every business is looking for ways to reduce costs. Increased demand for digital capability may lead to increased costs in the short run. However, the adoption of Liquid Immersion Cooling Technology will reduce the power consumption and maintenance cost. This is the way to go for any business seeking to cut costs.



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