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Why local governments Should Use Cloud Platforms 

With continuous monitoring and end-to-end service level visibility, local governments and councils IT teams can achieve such levels of reliability, whilst being able to simplify the complexity, mitigate risks, accelerate business agility, and promote operational excellence.

Moreover, cloud platforms offer more reliable services to citizens measured by metrics such as the quality of user experience, the speed of new service innovation, and agility.


Engaging with PeaSoup, we aimed to have a replication of all critical services that could be tested and proven in advance without disruption to the live environment and without budgets spiralling out of control.

Pip Hignett

System Administrator, Central Scotland Valuation Joint Board

G-Cloud Framework

In the UK, cloud migration to the public sector, including local government institutions and councils, is being driven by the availability of G-Cloud frameworks, providing public service organisations with a complete solution for the tools and skills they need to build new applications or secure big data.

Being able to choose from supplier’s catalogue means councils can quickly find applications and frameworks that provide the foundation of new, cost-effective and innovative services. With almost all councils in the UK under pressure to save on cost, whilst delivering transformational services, the cloud platform should become the standard choice.

In other words, all servers maintenance, IT upgrades and data storage costs can be managed more effectively and at lower costs. Moreover, software as a service (SaaS), backup as a service (BRaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) can be paid for as needed and actually used.

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Backup & Recovery For Local Governments

One of the most important cloud services for local governments and councils is backup and recovery. Cloud data backup and virtual replications usually comply with a series of best practices. It must encrypt data in transit, usually through a secure socket layer connection.

The data stored in the cloud must be encrypted with a modern encryption protocol along the lines of a 256-bit AES encryption including features like password expiration and complexity.

Cloud backup also carries with it compliance issues. Compared to legacy solutions like tape backup, the cloud offers drastically reduced recovery time in the event that it is necessary. Using cloud services also means that IT departments can focus on applications development. Therefore, they’ll no longer need to worry about managing backup hardware and protocol.


Cloud services, such as IaaS, SaaS, DRaaS or BRaaS, are an important tool for local governments and councils, enabling them to take advantage of both platform and infrastructure services to deploy quickly scalable new applications. It’s this >>speed<< that’s key to the importance of the cloud. Instead of legacy IT infrastructure that takes years to build new applications, IT teams can deliver a new app or online solution in months, or even weeks. And by taking advantage of new development methodologies and tools, they can keep those systems running with regular updates.

Combining the above approach with mobile applications local governments can also improve relationships between them and citizens. There’s a growing number of community-driven applications that are being used to deliver information to local government services, taking advantage of new open data services.

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Our Services for Local Governments 


PeaSoup Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides a flexible and scalable slice of our cloud (cluster). Our dedicated virtual datacentres take advantage of our cloud resilience and performance, virtual cloud (vCloud) security and a segmentation layer, to ensure each and every customer has their own Virtual Datacentre.


PeaSoup DRaaS solution is designed to automate and simplify the recovery process, with a modern inexpensive, agile and scalable cloud solution. PeaSoup has teamed up with Zerto to deliver a True Virtual Replication (disaster recovery) between private clouds or satellite offices to our Cloud Services with a single software solution.

Backup & Recovery

PeaSoup’s user-friendly backup and recovery service provides costs per GB predictions, ensuring full cost transparency for the retention periods set. Local backup ensures fast recovery of files with encryption provided as a default, 24/7. There are also a number of location to store your data.

Why choose PeaSoup for your Cloud services?

PeaSoup supply cloud services designed by your needs and built with an innovative technology architecture that provides unrivalled levels of performance, reliability and stability.


  1. Tier 3 datacentres with advanced physical & IP security
  2. A simple and transparent pricing model – no lengthy contracts, no hidden charges
  3. Dedicated account management and technical support
  4. UK data sovereignty – data is not replicated outside of UK borders
  5. G-Cloud framework supplier

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