How PeaSoup Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can help you to save money, expand and innovate?

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Infrastructure as a Service from PeaSoup

Lower Costs

PeaSoup is 30% cheaper than Azure or AWS, as our service includes licensing,  firewalling, unlimited bandwidth, no egress/ingress charges and load-balancing, all in predictable and transparent billing. 

Low carbon footprint

Liquid immersion cooling is excellent at reducing carbon emissions, it’s estimated up to 45%,  consumes no water and allows for prolonged hardware longevity and reliability. 

High security

High security from VMware NSX (software-defined networking and security). You’ve got full network control, dedicated firewalls with load balancers, VPNs, and more. 

For fast, sustainable, reliable and competitively priced cloud infrastructure

  1. The top benefits of using the cloud (IaaS) still are CAPEX cost savings – hardware, IT infrastructure and staff administration, capacity management,
  3. However, for the past few years, mobility and agile technology are also crucial to any company strategy.  A significant percentage of workers are using multiple devices at work or work remotely. It’s important for the business to be able to seamlessly access operational systems and data on each platform. To accomplish this, you need secure cloud computing.

PeaSoup provides high-power cloud infrastructure, simple to deploy and manage.

PeaSoup Cloud is the one-stop-shop for all your workload needs – fast, easy, secure and sustainable.

Everything you need can be installed in minutes, configured, and ready for to serve your business. Installation takes just a few clicks and you’re up and running. With lots of extra features and easy user management via the VMware portal, PeaSoup Cloud simply helps your business to scale and grow at a low price.


PeaSoup ECO cloud infrastructure uses eco-friendly data centres that embrace liquid immersion cooling technology.

The power of liquid cooling

Liquid cooling technology allows for the deployment of power-hungry applications such as artificial intelligence, big data, and autonomous decisions making bots. 

Secure and up-to-date

When you’re using the PeaSoup cloud, we will do everything to keep our/your platform updated and secure.

The frequent upgrades mean you will always have the latest features and necessary security fixes.


Access cloud compute resources and virtualisation, and configure to your needs. Only pay for the resources you use. 

VMware Performance

PeaSoup uses VMware architecture to provide a highly performant, scalable environment; fully redundant with 99.99% availability to meet the needs of your most demanding workloads.

Management Console

PeaSoup cloud infrastructure Management Console helps you to set up your private cluster easily and fast. So, you can concentrate on your applications running in the Virtual Private Cloud. 

Have any questions about liquid immersion cooling and how it makes it more reliable get in touch.

IaaS Benefits

Flexible billing

From rolling monthly to three years contracts are available.


The availability and resiliency of the cloud can exceed traditional methods.


In the cloud, you can provision small or large amounts of resources in a matter of minutes.


With IaaS you can test new ideas quickly or scaling working ones even quicker.

Typical IaaS use cases

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) refers to general-purpose compute resources and is easily capable of supporting all types of deployment.

IaaS is mostly used for development and testing environments, online retail websites and web applications, data storage, analytics and data warehousing workloads, and backup and recovery/disaster recovery, particularly for on-premises workloads. IaaS is also a good fit for deploying and running common business software and applications, such as SQL and SAP.

What our customers say

PeaSoup is a solid organisation that we have trusted for over 4 years with our key front of house business applications, we are absolutely over the moon with the service provided. All in all, it’s amazing value for money.
Steve Exeter
Head of IT (UK)
PeaSoup provides a Virtual Data Centre that allows our customers, drivers, and operators to stay connected reliably and fully protected 24/7/365.
virtual rank testimonial
Peter Whitby