PeaSoup Shortlisted for Cloud Platform and IaaS Innovation of the Year in SDC Awards

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12/10/23 Weybridge, UK — PeaSoup, a leading innovator in cloud solutions, is thrilled to announce its double shortlisting for the prestigious Cloud Platform Innovation of the Year and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Innovation of the Year awards at the upcoming SDC Awards.

The SDC (Storage, Digitalisation, Cloud) Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the storage, cloud, and digitalisation sectors. This recognition underscores PeaSoup’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the cloud industry embracing sustainable liquid immersion cooling technology.

“We’re incredibly honoured to be shortlisted for these two categories,” said Art Malinowski, Head of Marketing at PeaSoup. “This acknowledgement reflects the tireless efforts and forward-thinking approach of our team. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the most cutting-edge cloud solutions available.”

PeaSoup’s revolutionary cloud platform and IaaS services have garnered attention for their reliability, scalability, and innovation. The company’s commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach sets it apart in a competitive landscape.

The SDC Awards serve as a platform for industry leaders to recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements in digital transformation, cloud services, and storage solutions. PeaSoup’s shortlisting in two key categories highlights the company’s significant contributions to the cloud industry.

To further support PeaSoup Cloud’s bid for these prestigious accolades, the company invites its valued clients and partners to cast their votes. Every vote counts, and the PeaSoup Cloud team is grateful for the ongoing support of its community.

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About PeaSoup

PeaSoup is a pioneering cloud provider at the forefront of digital innovation. Offering a range of cutting-edge cloud solutions including infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery. PeaSoup empowers businesses with scalable, fully sustainable, reliable, and secure cloud platforms. PeaSoup was the first UK cloud provider to use liquid immersion cooling commercially. With a customer-centric approach, PeaSoup is committed to driving digital transformation and setting new standards in cloud services.

PeaSoup Cloud Shortlisted for Cloud Platform and IaaS Innovation of the Year in SDC Awards