Growth and award success put PeaSoup on cloud nine

The sky’s the limit says cloud and data specialist PeaSoup Ltd as the company not only rounds off a successful year with an industry award, but hit the ground running in 2023 with announcements that it was moving into larger premises and had recruited more staff.


Fresh from its triumph at the prestigious Computing Technology Product Awards 2022 held in London, winning the Technical Innovator of the Year category, PeaSoup has invested in new offices in Weybridge, Surrey as part of expansion plans due to rising demand from data centres for liquid immersion cooling technology.


The company has also boosted its workforce, including the appointment of Steve Charnock, a vastly experienced and successful enterprise IT sales leader across all major sectors in the UK and Europe.

And it doesn’t end there, according to Marketing Manager, Art Malinowski, who revealed that there are more exciting plans in the pipeline over the next 12 months.


He said: “We’re just about catching our breath. We’re thrilled at winning an industry award for our cost-effective and sustainable cloud solutions that reduce carbon emissions. We welcome Steve who brings his commercial and technical expertise to the business. To cap it all we have also moved into new state-of-the-art offices. However, there’s more to come – all will be revealed at a later date.”


With soaring power bills manufacturers are looking to reduce energy usage. A fully liquid-cooled cloud is an effective way of keeping costs under control while offering a greener, more environmentally friendly cloud and hosting solution.


PeaSoup uses liquid immersion cooling technology. A simple method where servers are submerged in a dielectric liquid within a self-contained unit that cycles the liquid around the energy hungry electronic components, reducing the need for traditional air-cooled systems. As a result, energy consumption is reduced and reliability is improved.


Martin Bradburn, CEO at PeaSoup, said: “PeaSoup has and will always use renewable energy sources to power its data centre storage. Liquid immersion cooling technology is a perfect tool to innovate the UK cloud market. Our investment in environmentally friendly systems allows us to reach new and existing organisations seeking a sustainable cloud platform.”


Put simply, data (and the processing thereof) will continue to grow exponentially. To combat the growing need for both energy and water consumption to process that data, there is a sustainable solution. Cloud based platforms using liquid immersion cooling have an additional benefit: the heat generated from the cooling of the technology can be recycled.


PeaSoup strives to develop cloud services with a mindset to reduce the impact on the environment. Not just as an ‘offset’, but a truly sustainable position, where the whole chain of supply can be seen to provide benefits for the environment.


Find your way to a greener and more sustainable solution with PeaSoup.Cloud.

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