Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Provided as private virtual Data Centre 

Cloud Infrastructure helps you to expand & innovate

Remove the burden of new purchase requirements – servers, additional software licenses, network equipment or predicting your data centre storage requirements.

PeaSoup can provide all your infrastructure requirements as a service and bill you accordingly.

Business benefits of IaaS:
  • Scalability — through a pay as you use service, you can access the IT system your business requires when it needs it. Due to its virtualisation, scaling up or down the company systems can be done quickly and efficiently, and with minimum downtime.
  • Drastically reduced downtime — if your IT hardware fails, IaaS platforms rely on multiple servers and data centres. If one area fails other hardware resources are available immediately to pick up the slack.
  • Flexibility and on-demand access — IaaS platforms can be accessed on-demand anywhere, as long you have an internet connection, and you’ll only pay for the resources used, keeping your costs down.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from us 

  • Provided as a virtual datacentre, defined in size by a number of processors, amount of memory and disk space.
  • A true software-defined datacentre where our customers have control over their own firewall rules, VPN configurations, network load balancers, networks and most importantly servers. Servers can be built from our Catalog or created by uploading their own install files, they can be cloned, stopped started and snapshots taken for rollback purposes.
  • The virtual datacentre is elastic, it can grow and shrink to meet business requirements and can be controlled through either a fully functional portal interface or through the on-premise management tools for VMware environments where the virtual datacentre can be connected in a Hybrid cloud configuration to extend the existing infrastructure.


At PeaSoup we have designed and built the best cloud datacentre with today’s cutting-edge technology. Our software-defined datacentre provides an extremely high degree of resilience, performance improvements and agility. Our applied expertise provides a simple and easy to use service.

PeaSoup Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides a flexible and scalable slice of our cloud (cluster). Our dedicated virtual datacentres take advantage of our cloud resilience and performance, virtual cloud (vCloud) security and a segmentation layer, to ensure each and every customer has their own Virtual Datacentre.

Each Virtual Datacentre has its own dedicated compute power, cloud storage and firewall capabilities. Our customers have full control of their own virtual servers within their virtual datacentre, so their networking and storage can remain the same as their own organisation’s system.

Unleash the power of cloud

The cloud infrastructure offers you the maximum of control providing virtual CPU, RAM and storage all accessed via a secure portal. It’s your own private Cloud.

Our read-only DEMO platform gives you back end access.


login: Demo

password: peasoup

To discuss your Infrastructure as a Service specific requirements please get in touch. 


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