Cloud Storage Trends (2022)

Cloud storage has become a necessity for individuals and businesses. We have come a long way. Right from when struggled to access files that were stored in our computers and other storage devices. Where we have hard times sharing files and accessing them remotely was a nightmare. We cannot forget the frustrations that we had trying to share large files through email. 

Then, the cloud happened, and storage as well as sharing of files including the massive ones got easy. You only need to drag and drop the files from your device to the cloud and then share a link with the person to whom you want to access it. Companies are also ensuring that a shared file is the most recent version courtesy of updates. In a nutshell, this represents the journey we have travelled over the years. 

The cloud environment is still changing. New trends are happening. It is expected that in the next five or so years, the cloud market will grow to 250 billion USD. As a cloud user, you need to familiarise yourself with the current trends or changes that are coming. Here, we talk about a few trends in the cloud space.

Disaster prevention and recovery 

Ransomware attacks have been increasing. Business organisations and individuals have been forced to pay huge sums of money to get their data and systems back. Cloud storage like other storage systems has not been immune to these attacks. In an attempt to deal with this menace, cloud providers have started implementing systems that protect their customers from attacks. With the installation of additional security features such as immutable storage, they are preventing files from being altered or tampered with. Ransomware recovery is now a common feature in cloud storage where an untouched copy of a file is separated and stored in anticipation of an attack. This file is safely restored in an event of a ransomware attack.

Edge capability

While the cloud is close courtesy of an internet connection it still requires infrastructure and more energy for data to be transmitted over miles. Cloud providers in a bid to improve response time and provide cost-efficient services are implementing edge computing in data centres.

Cloud has changed the way we work and interact and it is expected more changes are on the way. To get the best of cloud computing, you need to keep up with the latest trends in the cloud space.

Legacy meets cloud

Legacy providers are now turning to cloud storage, they are supplementing their business with cloud merchandise. There is an attempt to tie cloud storage with other services rather than offering it as a standalone. With this, numerous opportunities are emerging as automation file ingestion as well as improved data backup systems.


Cloud providers are looking for ways to help organisations get more organised and ease the process of file searching and information gathering. Utilising artificial intelligence, this process is now automated. Automation is taking on some manual tasks such as folder organisation making it easy to work around the office.


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