Is liquid immersion cooling in data centres the answer for high power efficiency and enhanced productivity?

Liquid immersion cooling is the change that Data Center need to achieve efficiency and improve productivity

With the adoption of liquid immersion cooling, data centres will enjoy higher power efficiency, lower power bills and also improve the working environment in the data centre.


Change in any business entity sometimes does not sit well with the majority; they view it as a disruption. Most of the time, change comes with new arrangements which may mean a different mode of operation. Continuity makes people comfortable with fear of the unknown leading to low acceptance of a new order. 

Some people need convincing, make them understand that some changes are beneficial; and while a new order may sometimes be disruptive, it may be exactly what they need. 

The old way of working may make them comfortable and delay or fail to adapt to new ways, with this they miss out on realising the great potential that comes with a new system/technology. Accepting positive change comes with new opportunities to improve business prospecting. 

This is exactly what the adoption of liquid immersion cooling can do to any data centre that is looking to improve its power efficiency, reduce energy consumption and improve the working environment.  


Immersion cooling isn’t a difficult concept


Data operators may have been made to believe that immersion cooling is a difficult concept. This is far from the truth; those who have adopted the future data centre cooling technology have a contrary opinion. Sometimes they say, you will never experience the real benefits of technology until you use it. The early adopters have allayed fear that making the switch from energy-consuming data centre cooling systems may impact day-to-day operations negatively. They have found that upgrading to the future data centre cooling technology gives the following benefits: reliable operations remove some disturbance such as noise and improve the productivity level in crucial components in the digital transformation process.


Enhanced working environment giving rise to high productivity


Power efficiency and cost savings help the owners of the data centre, but the staff working in these key infrastructural facilities is also taken care of. With a standard data centre, noise is a major concern. The high-velocity server fans and cooling equipment such as condensers and compressors emit high levels of noise making the environment inhabitable for some. A recent study carried out by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers found that fan speed has increased by twenty per cent.

With this enhancement of speed, the noise levels have risen by 4 decibels. This spells doom to people working in standard data centres as they will be required to wear more enhanced safety gadgets. Wearing PPEs in an environment that is characterized by extreme heating is not a comfortable protective measure. The solution, as found by the early adaptors of liquid immersion cooling is here with us. With this cooling technology, the occupation hazard is reduced, the working environment is improved and productivity is enhanced.


Liquid immersion cooling is the future technology that we need now. Any data centre looking to increase power efficiency, save on energy costs and enhance working environments need to be among the early adopters.


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Liquid immersion cooling is the change that Data Centres need