The cure against ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, more than any other time in the digital era. Even with increased vigilance, the number of reported breaches has been going up with some industries reporting a rise of more than 235%.

The financial and healthcare industries have been the highest hit, with more than a quarter of the reported ransomware attacks associated with these sectors. With 82% of the respondents in a recent study claiming that the attacks were now more sophisticated than before, where the attackers had increased their understanding of internal processes and were more aware of the blind spots, it just shows that the threats will continue to be more devastating. Cybercriminals are becoming persistent and with each new day, they are finding ways to hack into systems.

It is not a question of if, it is when

All it takes is a simple mistake or user incompetency. With cyber-attacks it is not whether a business organisation will be attacked, it is a matter of when. However, with effective measures, the damages and costs brought about by ransomware attacks can be avoided. An effective backup strategy combined with a sound disaster recovery plan is what a business organisation requires. This can help an organisation mitigate and recover from most if not all ransomware attacks.

Immutable cloud backup

This is where the immutable cloud backup applies. It ensures that your data is safe, secure, and unalterable. It entails adding a layer of security where your data are protected from any changes. It even comes with a feature that blocks alteration for a given period. All types of business organisations are encouraged to adopt the immutability element in data storage as it helps in avoiding data losses, securing critical information, enforcement of policies, avoiding paying ransoms, and streamlining regulatory compliance. The fact that immutable cloud backup cannot be compromised makes them an effective defence against cyber-attacks.

Implementing the immutable backup strategy

Businesses need resilient and strong defence systems to fight ransomware attacks. The defence system needs to be adopted in such a way that it can handle the worst kind of an attack, guarantee data safety, and smooth running after the breach. 

Best practices demand the following:

  • Multi-level resiliency where the strategy includes immutable backup, recent technology, and a trained IT staff
  • Data integrity
  • An automated response where an automatic reaction system is implemented as part of the backup solution
  • Zero trust model where strict identity verification is needed to allow access to data backups
  • Clean restore point where backup need to be free of malware

With ransomware attacks growing each day, there is a need to invest in a defence system that will secure your data. Immutable backup can offer the protection needed to have peace of mind and save money that would be needed to pay ransom once a breach occurs. Talk to immutable cloud backup experts like PeaSoup and find out how you can secure your data.

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