Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Protect your brand, loss of revenue and loss of customers with DRaaS

Our disaster recovery service helps you to restore vital operational systems after a significantly disruptive event such as flood, hurricane, human malicious deletion or cyberattack incl. ransomware.
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Are you protected against a modern-day threat of data loss like ransomware?

Is your business prepared for when technology or a natural disaster strikes?
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Benefits of disaster recovery

  • Minimises interruption – Disaster recovery makes it possible for the processes of a business to continue with minimal disruptions.
  • Protects business reputation – Disaster recovery helps business resume operations in the shortest possible time, and the continued service can help improve the reputation of the company.
  • Reduces losses – Disaster recovery helps to mitigate losses when the business is unable to continue after a damaging event.
  • Optimum performance – Disaster recovery keeps a company’s performance at an optimum level by making sure all needed systems are always online.
  • Minimal data loss – if an outage or any other disaster occurs at 7:26, DR software restores from 7:25:45. This, for example, could be a lifesaver for some companies operating in a high volume of transaction.

Managed DR Services

Our managed disaster recovery service helps you to replicate your production environment into a virtual data centre. This means you get a scalable, continuous replication with a recovery point and time available in seconds.

Any pre-planned Disaster Recovery (DR) testing and validation can be completed at any time without disruption via our portal interface, providing a recovery (or test of recovery) at a simple click of a button.

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PeaSoup helps to replicate critical services without disruption

Engaging with PeaSoup, we aimed to have a replication of all critical services that could be tested and proven in advance without disruption to the live environment and without budgets spiralling out of control.

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Pip Hignett

Systems Administrator, Central Scotland Valuation Joint Board

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