Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Protect your brand, loss of revenue and loss of customers with DRaaS

Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) – Protect & recover

On-premise technical disasters are more common than you think. A shocking 95% of businesses experienced outages for reasons unrelated to natural disasters.

34.23% – hardware failure 
35.14% power loss/ interruption
19.82% upgrade or software install 
5.41% accidental deletion of data 

68.8% test their Disaster Recovery procedures less than once a year or never.

If you need to consider a cost-effective solution for the data protection of all your production applications, then think no further than Disaster Recovery as a Service from Zerto.

Zerto Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) removes the need for additional and expensive datacentres from your network and allows you to benefit from cloud automation and the flexibility it provides – whilst maintaining solid Disaster Recovery (DR) assurance.


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Until recently, cloud based disaster recovery had been limited to the recovery of backup and reduction of the recovery point, due to time constraints and high costs which act as prohibitors to a more complex proposition – not today.

As a Zerto Cloud Partner, PeaSoup can replicate an organisations production environment into a virtual datacentre by the means of a scalable, continuous replication, providing a recovery point and time in seconds.

Additionally, the regular bi-annual weekends of pre-planned DR tests are no longer required. Testing and validation can be completed at any time without disruption via a PeaSoup portal interface, providing a recovery (or test of recovery) at a simple click of a button.

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PeaSoup supply cloud services designed by your needs and built with an innovative technology architecture that provides unrivalled levels of performance, reliability and stability.


  1. Tier 3 datacentres with advanced physical & IP security
  2. A simple and transparent pricing model – no lengthy contracts, no hidden charges
  3. Dedicated account management and technical support
  4. UK data sovereignty – data is not replicated outside of UK borders
  5. G-Cloud framework supplier

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