Immutable backup – the missing part of the business disaster recovery plan

With most businesses operating digitally, losing data as a result of a cyberattack is one of the risks that most entities have to battle with. It is a real threat given that every 11 seconds a ransomware attack is happening.

A study carried out in 2021 found that 37 per cent of businesses reported being hit by a Ransomware attack 2021. It is not just the number of attacks that have increased; the amount that the hackers are demanding has also gone up with the highest ransom demand now hitting 50 million dollars. 

To put the figures into perspective, more than thirty per cent of those businesses which were victims of ransomware in 2021 ended up paying the demanded amount in terms of ransom but only sixty-five per cent of them recovered their data.

It cost businesses an average of two billion dollars to recover from the attacks in 2021. The situation may not improve any time soon as it is estimated that the cost of Ransomware attacks on businesses will increase to 265 billion dollars in 2031. However, all is not gloomy as there is a solution to this problem. The 2021 Ransomware statistics indicate that 57 per cent of companies recovered their data using a cloud backup.

To get the full benefits of data backup and avoid all the losses that come with lost data, a business should go further than just backing up.

Immutable cloud backup promises more than data storage, data integrity and recovery are now almost guaranteed.

Immutable cloud backup

The solution to this problem and also as part of a disaster recovery plan lies with the use of immutable backups. Using this, your data once saved cannot be altered. It will remain intact without any chances of deletion or being overwritten. It means that in an event of a ransomware attack, your business can rest assured that a clean copy of the data is available. This serves you well as part of a disaster recovery plan, the risk of losing data when a disaster strikes, equipment failure, or even a critical data deletion is greatly reduced.

Apart from getting peace of mind, there are other benefits that immutable backups will give you.

1. You are assured of data accuracy since no tampering can take place. These untouched copies help your organisation comply with certain provisions of regulation where original data is required. 2. You are also preventing users from making unauthorised changes regardless of their level of authorisation in your organisation. This is made possible by the fact that there are immutable policies that prevent change and even access to the data until the lapse of this period. It locks out even the owner of the business, making it a safe way to store and backup sensitive data.

Immutable data backup is the missing part of the disaster recovery, with it, you are protected against a wide range of threats whether cyber security attacks, user data edits, accidental deletion, loss related to disasters, and technology failure among others.


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