Why Backup Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers so many benefits to any business. Office 365 combines all sorts of data including emails, with important attachments, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams files, recordings, voicemail messages and contacts. Like any other data-rich applications it’s important to protect your data by backing up regularly. Backup helps to protect against data loss, but many organisations also have compliance mandates about Office 365 backup.

Although Microsoft Services hosts the infrastructure, it only offers basic data protection. Even when you feel safe, it is vital to note that there are so many elements Office 365 doesn’t protect you from and its optional protection features have side effects. Microsoft service agreement – section 6 encourages users to back up their files using a third-party application. The section states, “we recommend that you regularly back up your content and data that you store on the services or store using third-party apps and services.” This means that businesses are responsible for the backup of their Office 365 data.

The recovery process tends to be even more problematic than backing it up, and simply restoring the data doesn’t guarantee availability as it was before the data was deleted.


Why should you backup Office 365 and what are the benefits?

There are so many reasons why you should backup Office 365 and some of them include:

  • Protection against data loss – data loss can disrupt business activities and damage reputations irreparably. This is why it is very important for organisations to back up their Office 365 data against future data loss that may be as a result of various reasons. With third-party apps, an organisation can easily find and restore their files.
  • Protect against cyber-attacks, including ransomware attacks – Office 365 users’ accounts are increasingly vulnerable to malware attacks which could lead to data loss. However, backing up Office 365 with third-party services can help keep your data safe in such eventualities.
  • Enable you to comply with regulations and legislations (retention gaps). Specific laws or regulations may force some organisations to keep data for a particular length of time. Neglecting these regulations may result in a company fine or prosecution.
  • Enable you to quickly restore individual Office 365 data – email, files and sites.

Backup and recovery from Veeam is a Microsoft third-party backup service that helps you to backup and restore data easily, quickly and cost-effectively, meeting legal requirements and greatly mitigate ransomware attacks.

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