PeaSoup Hosting, a disruptive cloud company focussing on delivering innovative cloud solutions, is proud to sponsor Action Coach London and Leicester events. PeaSoup Hosting will be providing honest advice on today’s cloud computing landscape and cloud “as a service” that could support business growth.

PeaSoup’s resilient cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS, vDC) allows companies to scale up and down accordingly to meet the business and project requirements and supporting their development without the upfront IT hardware costs. Also, the costs associated with the admin and management of the IT infrastructure are greatly minimalised through a “pay as used” model and can be tailored appropriately to the business needs. PeaSoup’s backup and disaster recovery services help to protect data effectively and cost-effectively against user and software errors, IT hardware failure, malicious deletion, cybercrime, natural and technology disasters.

For start-ups and small businesses, PeaSoup’s cloud-based services support business growth by helping to overcome a lack of capital or IT management skills with an OPEX model. Moreover, cloud services provide start-ups with tools and technologies they would not have been able to afford otherwise. For bigger businesses, cloud services provide greater flexibility for employees to work anytime and anywhere. By giving staff more flexible working conditions many companies can cut down on the amount of office space needed. PeaSoup’s cloud infrastructure as a service offers high-performance servers with powerful CPUs, load balancing and super-fast SSD drives.

PeaSoup cloud is based on the hyper-converged infrastructure, and the company was one of the first in Europe and fifth worldwide to implement this type of datacentre environment. This architecture provides improved performance, scalability and guarantee 40% less risk of downtime normally associated with legacy technology.

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