hyper-converged Cloud in Midlands

PeaSoup Hosting, a disruptive cloud company focussing on delivering innovative cloud solutions, will be attending Midlands Business Network. The event is being held on 17th May 2019 at the King Power Stadium, Leicester.

At the event, PeaSoup tech team will ensure you get the best advice regarding cloud services and how this could be a foundation for business growth and further expansion. PeaSoup cloud is based on the hyper-converged infrastructure, and the company was one of the first in Europe and fifth in the world to implement it in a datacentre environment.

“Our hyper-converged (HCI) solution means that all customers data resides in the compute layer on multiple servers at any given point. In the event of total server failure, customers would see no reduction in performance, and as additional servers are added, the benefit of better performance, scalability and availability are achieved.” – explains Martin Bradburn, PeaSoup CEO.

PeaSoup cloud solutions allow customers to scale up and down with ease supporting their growth and global expansion without the upfront IT hardware costs. All the costs associated with the admin and management of the IT infrastructure are drastically reduced too utilising the cloud elasticity and pay as you use structure can be tailored accordingly to the customer present and future project requirements.

Data security is a top priority for any company. Keeping the data on-premise even in the most secured buildings is vulnerable for a cyberattack, malicious deletion, disk failure, malware and viruses, power cuts, fire, flood and other natural disasters. PeaSoup cloud infrastructure provides true resilience by using other datacentres as a failover and load balancing.




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