Partner Pricing

Our pricing is simple & transparent


Our pricing model is simple, there are no hidden charges and small prints appendixes, we take an honest approach driven by excellence “as a service” approach instead of locking in customers in a long-term contract.

We utilise leading software providers for all our services. This provides a low-risk factor but also a degree of compatibility to other cloud providers. The outcome is a top-quality service, “a humanised cloud computing” that is built fully on a great relationship and honesty.

Why PeaSoup [Brochure]

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Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) as a primary solution for scalable computing
Expensive when running a high volume of workloads
Difficult to use
Overwhelming options
A virtual private cloud for networking and an API gateway for cross-premises connectivity
Veeam & Zerto ready
Unknown true costs of data transfers
MS Azure
Windows to Microsoft software native deployment
Feels less enterprise-ready than expected
Issues with documentation
Lack of Hyper-V Snapshot Support
Multiple app deployment tools available
Veeam & Zerto ready
Incomplete GUI and Tools