Over the years, Housing Associations have been under pressure to deliver affordable housing, increase security and compliance and conform to government regulations. However, some of the traditional models used before in the housing sector no longer fit into purposes, and there are pressures in the social housing sector to meet the rapidly changing residential needs.

In a bid to meet up with these demands, housing associations are already going through acquisition measures. However, this isn’t enough and is why housing providers are embracing the digital workplace and the use of cloud infrastructure in streamlining processes, improving efficiency, addressing the challenges of cost reduction while remaining competitive.

At present, cloud technology use and further adoption are growing rapidly among housing providers due to the underpinning business intelligence of the cloud, improved security and service outcomes it offers. Cloud Computing is not only about managing servers, hard drives, storage and growing revenues. But it’s critical for better processes, optimization, compliance and improved overall customer experience.

Cloud also provides greater security against cybercriminals, data protection, scalability and flexibility. Housing providers are fast appreciating the benefits of cloud adoption.

Five Ways Cloud Adoption Benefits Housing Associations 1

Here are five benefits of the cloud for housing associations

  • Remote workforce: The cloud enables Housing Association teams to work remotely and focus on being out among their tenants. Sitting at the comfort of their homes, team members can access all files and data using a centralized system, work on those files at the same, thereby optimising workflow.
  • Operational Processes: The cloud can free up internal manual processes to help team members refocus on other money-making aspects of the business-like improved customer experience. This also implies that Housing Associations can save money through the use of cloud infrastructure which helps to streamline workflow and optimise processes.
  • Better Connected (SMART): IoT technologies can help Housing Associations to manage issues faster, be more proactive and strategic to minimise costs. With these devices, housing associations can have a first-hand view of happenings in different locations even without visiting such places.
  • Customer Services: Cloud solutions enable Housing Associations to provide a better all-round service. For example, through the use of cloud computing technologies, customer support team members are available online 24/7/365.
  • Data Protection: The cloud allows storing an unlimited amount of customer data with all around the clock secured access. With cloud infrastructure, Housing Association can ensure that customers’ information is well protected and secured from cybercriminals. In addition, cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions provide an additional layer of protection keeping these records secured and away from local networks.


Using cloud infrastructures, Housing Associations can operate a more accessible system, with streamlined workflows, while having a more holistic view of properties and tenants. However, to make use of cloud infrastructures, Housing Associations need the services of pioneering cloud computing providers, like PeaSoup for example, formed to drive innovation and disruption in the Cloud Market. PeaSoup provides a hyper-converged infrastructure, providing an unrivalled level of performance, reliability and security.