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Our seven primary areas of expertise

The cloud offers manufacturers the opportunity to be more responsive to shifting market conditions due to the technology’s inherent flexibility and scalability >>

Cloud computing provides low IT costs, real-time data capture and analysing information, streamlines inventories, tracking deliverables and collecting marketing insight >>

Cloud platform offers more reliable services to citizens measured by metrics such as the quality of user experience, speed of new service innovation and agility >>

The Cloud provides flexibility, cost efficiency, resilience and scalability, often providing the highest security and data protection to ensure that all data is safe >>

Lots of the healthcare IT usage goes toward developing clinical applications and data hosting, data recovery and backup, and the hosting of operational applications >>

The cloud platform helps banks and financial institutions to scale their services easily and efficiently compare to traditional on-premise IT infrastructure >>

Cloud services allow education to cost-effectively upgrade admin, communication and learning systems without huge capital investments in IT infrastructure >>

General Use Cases


Live / Production Class Hosting Environment

PeaSoup provides a complete software defined virtual datacentre solution where you are in complete control of all your services. Operated and delivered out of the UK, there are no issues of data sovereignty and built on a Fujitsu hardware with the latest VMware software technology there are no issues with perfomance or scale. You can select the performance that’s appropriate for your environment from the multiple tiers of storage and mix these into a single datacentre ensuring you do not pay more than you need to. The service is elastic and will scale up or down with your requirements and the billing is monthly but more importantly easy to understand and predict.

The service can operate independently with a fully functional portal interface or can be connected to your existing on-premise VMware architecture to provide a Hybrid Cloud model and expand your existing investments in infrastructure.

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Application Hosting Environment

The PeaSoup Cloud is ideal for SaaS providers who want to deliver enterprise scale applications built on traditional or three-tier architectures. The underlying performance from the hyper-converged cloud and the policy controlled SSD fronted storage ensures that compute power can be dedicated and burstable on demand.

The hyper-converged architecture removes many of the risks associated with cloud outages and ensures the maximum uptime for your application. Maintenance windows are a thing of the past and are not excluded with a caveat from our uptime guarantees, we understand how important uptime is to both yours and our reputations.

Scale to Cope with Seasonal or Unexpected Demands

The elasticity of the PeaSoup Cloud ensures that resources are available when needed but money is not wasted when they are not. A true utility compute service.

When configured in a Hybrid Cloud model the complete flexibility makes it easy to extend workloads and mission critical applications, in or out of the cloud whenever additional capacity is needed.

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Disaster Recovery and Peace of Mind

Disaster Recovery, whilst essential for the survival of any business, it’s traditionally expensive, time consuming, complex and deemed to be the insurance that can be avoided unless mandated by industry compliance or other contractual responsibilities.

When deployed in conjunction with rapid cloud automation and flexibility the process is dramatically simplified at a fraction  costs whilst maintaining solid Disaster Recovery (DR) assurance. PeaSoup can replicate your production environment by the means of scalable, continuous replication, providing a recovery point in time of seconds.

PeaSoup provides you with a complete virtual datacentre that is empty and therefore has an extremely low monthly costs. The only time it is charged for is when its needed, at which point the elasticity if the cloud and the automation of the service will populate a fully functioning replica of your entire production infrastructure.

For those familiar with traditional DR the regular pre-planned tests are no longer required. Testing and validation can be completed at any time without disruption via a PeaSoup portal interface, providing a recovery (or test of recovery) at a simple click of a button with a full audit report to meet your compliance requirements.

Data Protection – Backup

The age old problem has typically been resolved by people taking tape or disk backups off-site or storing them in fire proof safes that only guarantee to last 30 mins in a fire.

The PeaSoup Backup service is simple and easy to use backup solution, offering a complete backup of your virtual environment whilst protecting all of the data without the upfront cost associated of building an external datacentre, in which backups can be stored, or resorting to the afore mentioned manual methods.

To meet compliance by adhering to the 3-2-1 rule (3 backed up copies of data, 2 on premise on different formats and 1 off premise) PeaSoup’s backup solution is ideal. Accessed via your own, on premise Veeam console, the backup Cloud Connect can be provisioned in minutes.

All backed up data can be rapidly recovered in a variety of ways to best suit your businesses requirement. Data can be restored directly, in the same manner it was backed up, brought up into the PeaSoup infrastructure environment or manually copied to a portable storage device and delivered to your door.

All data stored in the PeaSoup Cloud is fully encrypted both in transit and when stored. This complies with the UK government best practises on data storage and retrieval.

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