Grow Your Business With Our Secure And Reliable Cloud Solutions 1

Grow Your Business


With Our Secure


And Reliable Cloud




Using leading cloud technology, we’re here to provide the trusted and expert IT solution your business needs, with no expensive upfront costs. 

Plus, we have a 99.99% UPTIME, so you can rest assured all of your data is completely protected.

No Upfront Costs  //  Flexible & Scalable Solutions  //  UK Government Approved

Leading Cloud Technology To Grow Your Business

When it comes to your data and servers, you need an IT solution that:

You don’t need to install and maintain yourself

Will always secure your data and files, protecting you if the worst was to happen.

Works and grows with your business, so you can always use it to achieve the best.

We’ve got that solution

Grow Your Business With Our Secure And Reliable Cloud Solutions 2

Complete Data Infrastructure With No Upfront Costs

Your IT requirements shouldn’t have to be restricted by your budget. Yet, with the large upfront costs of your new servers, equipment and licenses, you normally have to settle for sub-par solutions that don’t work well for your business.

We do things differently. With us, you’ll get your complete data infrastructure set up and installed as a service. So, there are absolutely no upfront costs – just a fixed monthly charge that you can easily manage.

Using cutting edge technology, we’ve designed datacenter infrastructure that grows and scale with your business. Each solution comes with its own dedicated:


Compute Power


Ample Storage


Secure firewall

What’s more, you’ll also get complete control of your own server so you can ensure the networking and storage will remain the same as your own businesses..

What People Are Saying About Us

Our services are designed around your business – always grow and scale as you do, giving you long-lasting reliability and security.

“PeaSoup provides a Virtual Datacentre that allows our customers, drivers, and operators to stay connected reliably and fully protected 24/7/367”
Peter Whitby

Managing Director, Virtual Rank

Enhanced security & control

Single-tenant infrastructure provides higher levels of security helping you to address one of the most important requirements – security and compliance.

  • AI-powered security fully integrated into the vSphere hypervisor
  • vSAN encryption
  • NSX micro-segmentation
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Virtual Machine encryption
  • Detailed firewall and log events
  • 2N+1 fully redundant infrastructure
  • 96-hour power outage protection
Grow Your Business With Our Secure And Reliable Cloud Solutions 3

Rely On The Leading Solutions


20 Years Of Leading Server Technology

When it comes to servers and cloud technology, we’ve always been leading the way. In fact, we were the first company in Europe to deliver a high hyper-converged cloud solution.

Never standing still, we’ll always provide you with the most cutting-edge technology and solutions to take your business further. This includes our world-leading 10GB switches and cloud virtualisation software.

We don’t just provide you with leading solutions though. We give you UK government approved secure and reliable infrastructure you need for peace of mind. All, with a transparent billing service so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Why choose PeaSoup for your Cloud services?

PeaSoup supply cloud services designed by your needs and built with an innovative technology architecture that provides unrivalled levels of performance, reliability and stability.


  1. Tier 3 datacentres with advanced physical & IP security
  2. A simple and transparent pricing model – no lengthy contracts, no hidden charges
  3. Dedicated account management and technical support
  4. UK data sovereignty – data is not replicated outside of UK borders
  5. G-Cloud framework supplier