Cloud for the Automotive sector

Cloud Infrastructure and Data Protection 

Cloud for the automotive industry

Autonomous driving, shared mobility, deeper customer insights, digital manufacturing, connected cars, transportation and mobility will continues to drive cloud computing in the automotive industry.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is conceivably one of the most exciting revolutions in the automotive industry. Cloud solutions provide companies and manufacturers with the tools and platforms to build autonomous driving solutions.

Data storage
Early calculations reveal the amount of data generated by autonomous car ranges between 10 TB and 150 TB per day/per one car. Multiply that by an estimated 100 vehicles means storage needed for it will range 1 PB to 15 PB data per day.

Connected Technology

Nearly all automakers have introduced or are working on autonomous and connected cars as this is the next phase of innovation in this industry. All these cars will depend on the cloud for tasks like data transfer to and fro between the vehicle and the cloud, vehicle to vehicle, data storage, processing and analytic capabilities. 5G network abilities will accelerate decisions between car computers, sensors and main cloud exchange holding live data from traffic, collisions etc.

Enhanced Security (data protection)

Cloud with its enhanced protection can help to drive the automotive industry to the level of security. When manufacturers, dealership and other automotive organisations run their own on-site infrastructure they are exposed to cybercriminals. But using the cloud, this responsibility is transferred to the cloud providers, which reduces the risks of IT failures, outages, hacks and other network breakdowns. Cloud providers typically have dedicated experts who ensure their security at all hours of the day and week.

Cloud services such as backup or disaster recovery can help them with even better data protection.