The education sector has been one of the major targets for security breaches, as this has led to diverse cases of theft of login information of both students and staff. Several studies report that schools, as well as institutes of higher learning, are being targeted by nefarious criminals largely because they’re repositories for a significant amount of highly confidential information such as names, phone numbers, social security numbers, and more.

Thankfully, the emergence of cloud technology now offers cloud protection against modern threats. Here are the top seven reasons why the education sector needs cloud data protection against modern threats.

7 reasons Education needs cloud data protection - Infographics

  1. Protect against automated bot attacks 

Automated bot attacks have increased in popularity in the last few years to pose a significant threat to the IT infrastructure of any institution. These bots are extremely sophisticated and simulate human behaviour, making them very difficult to detect. According to Cybersecurity experts, these bots are being initiated without the involvement of the hacker and are meant to divert the attention of the security team when detected so the hacker can gain access to the systems. Cloud protection keeps the attacks at bay as most service providers have invested a lot to guarantee the security of data.


  1. Prevent breaches that hurt the school

Schools and universities that want to keep running must take the issue of data protection seriously as cases of a data breach can affect the operations of the schools. Data breaches can occur at any time, such as the stages of collecting, storing, processing, transmitting, and sharing of essential information. Apart from disrupting the normal operations of the school, cases of data breach might also lead to loss of highly sensitive information in their operations. Cloud data protection helps prevent breaches that can negatively affect the school in the short and long run.


  1. To protect brand value 

Cyber attacks are usually big stories, and this can be a huge nightmare for any affected education institution as the story will remain a topic of public discussion for weeks. This might negatively affect how the public views the school as people will find it hard to trust the institution with their sensitive information. By adopting cloud data protection against modern threats, players in the sector demonstrate that they care about data privacy, which can help people forge emotional connections to their brand, thereby increasing brand value.


  1. Prevent breaches that affect students and staff

Data breaches don’t just affect a school as an institution; they also affect students and staff whose confidential information such as login passwords, social security numbers, personnel records, health records, and so on. Hackers are continually on the prowl for sensitive data to use for criminal intent, and this trend is expected to continue as more and more schools utilize the conveniences of online payment systems for everything from lunches to tuition and books. Cloud data protection can help prevent scenarios of this kind since the data is usually encrypted and stored on remote servers.


  1. To prevent cases of ransomware 

Despite a recent decline, ransomware is still a serious threat to education institutions. It is essentially a form of malware that encrypts a victim’s files, and payment is demanded before the ransomed data is decrypted, and access is returned to the owner. The payment can range from a few hundred pounds to thousands, payable in virtual currency such as Bitcoin. Cloud data protection helps secure such data so that schools and universities can retrieve them when they wish. This lowers the risk of being locked out of computers since the encrypted data can be accessed from other devices at any time.


  1. Keep critical information encrypted

Effective data protection and strong encryption are some of the many benefits cloud technology offers. It serves as a guarantee that even if that data falls into the wrong hands, it is useless as long as its keys remain secure. It protects the data contents in the event that the in-house IT infrastructure is compromised.


  1. Support ethics

Since online threats are becoming rampant today, schools and universities are expected to have a code of ethics regarding data privacy, which indicates that sensitive information of students will be handled responsibly. Cloud data protection is a great way to preserve confidential information and ensure that they’re safely stored.



Data protection against modern threats is a goal that must be a priority of stakeholders in the education sector. If you want to keep all sensitive data secure and thwart security breaches, cloud data protection is the way to go.

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